Changing To EdgeLam

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking to take EdgeLam Pine String components to be your standard stock production stair strings the typical production size is 260 x 32mm in section and the range of lengths we would be offering is between 3900 and 4800mm

Stair tread material can be supplied in set tread blank sizes or in a longer lengths, it is also a option to have the front edge nosed and also these can have the riser goove machined also.

Our standard EdgeLam pine newel post material is a 90 x 90mm 3 Lam production, the corners are eased with a 3mm radius.

 EdgeLam Pine handrail section in its standard form is a four lam 60 x 60mm STHR profile, available with 32mm or 41mm groove size or ungrooved. On high volume orders we are happy to look at other profiles.

Our EdgeLam Pine STBR Baserail section is 60mm x 30mm available with a 32mm or 41mm groove size.

Custom Components

For High volume enquiries we are happy to look at producing custom sized components.

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