EdgeLam Oak Stair Treads

Finding quality stair components has gotten increasingly difficult over the last decade, with most major manufacturers of stair components choosing to give in to the low cost items coming in from China we have ended up with a massive skills shortage in the UK and a huge manufacturing black hole. With EdgeLam components we manufacture in the United Kingdom and try to use full length edge glued components wherever possible, using full length timber lamels removes the unsightly end jointing found in the typical engineered products being imported from the Far East.

The edge gluing process used in our EdgeLam uses traditional cold press methods together with highly advanced adhesives giving a bond stronger than the wood itself.

Environment – Using cold press methods dramaticaly reduces the energy required to that used in radiowave or high temperature laminated processes, also the use of full length lamels reduces the energy used in end finger jointing and the machining required in creating the cores found in typical far east engineered timber components.

The timbers used to produce these high quality components are more expensive than the lower grades used and re-engineered in the typical engineered timber components but EdgeLam components provide a more attractive and sustainable product.

Our Passion

It is our passion to provide products that can be manufactured in a sustainable manor and to a quality that previous generations of craftsmen would be proud to have in their home.

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